What is the problem?

There are around 1.7 million disabled parents in the UK, yet there continues to be a misconception that you cannot parent with a disability.

Of course, some things are more challenging with Cerebral Palsy. For example, at bath time, you may need another pair of hands. When changing your baby when you’re out, you may not have the mobility to improvise if there aren’t proper changing facilities. When going down stairs, you may need to hold the bannister with both hands – so you’ll need a baby harness for the baby.

However, these things should not be barriers, rather just challenges which can be overcome with the right tools and knowledge. Our goal is to empower you to live a full life with CP – parenting may be a big part of that for you.

Getting help

There is a lot of information available from specialist organisations and other disabled parents on how to meet the challenges of parenting with a physical disability – see the resources section below.

There are also forums and spaces for parents with disabilities to share their concerns and experiences – just like other parents’ forums. Parenting is challenging for everyone: it is ok for any parent to ask for help.

There is still more which can be done to improve the situation, i.e. imagine if every buggy was accessible rather than needing a specialist premium one.



Parenting – Sarah Foy

Parenting with Cerebral Palsy:


Scarlett Murray is a 22 year-old mother of one, and a talented writer who blogs about her experiences of living with Cerebral Palsy. Her form of CP is left-sided hemiphlegia. She tells us her story.

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Clive Gilbert is a leading policy expert on assistive technology for disabled people, drawing in part, on his own experiences living with Cerebral Palsy. He tells us his story.

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