Charity Partners

Action Cerebral Palsy

Action Cerebral Palsy campaigns on behalf of the estimated 30,000 children with cerebral palsy and their families in the UK. Its aim is that every child or young person with cerebral palsy has access to the best possible intervention, care, education and support to meet their complex and changing needs.

Cerebral Palsy Cymru

Cerebral Palsy Cymru provides therapy and support to children and families across Wales living with cerebral palsy. Their specialist team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists work together, so each child benefits from their combined expertise.

Cerebral Palsy Scotland

Cerebral Palsy Scotland improves the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy through specialist therapy, support and information. Its therapists work alongside people with cerebral palsy, their families and carers, helping them develop practical skills which transform daily life.

CP-Life Research Centre

CP-Life Research Centre is dedicated to generating evidence that improves services and supports for people with cerebral palsy throughout life, focusing on research translation. It is located within the School of Physiotherapy at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dublin, Ireland.

CP Sport

CP Sport is the national disability sports organisation supporting people with cerebral palsy to be able to access and enjoy being physically active throughout their lives​. They collaborate with local, regional and national partners to provide physical activity that is accessible and enjoyable.

International Cerebral Palsy Society

The International Cerebral Palsy Society is a non-profit organisation with members in 52 countries worldwide. Its members include national associations of people with cerebral palsy, their families and the professionals who work with them, as well as individual members.

Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire believes in a fair world in which disabled people have the same equal opportunities and choices as non-disabled people. For nearly 75 years, they have worked to break down barriers, collaborating to challenge discrimination and promote inclusive practices.


National Bobath Cerebral Palsy Centre

The National Bobath Cerebral Palsy Centre is the original home of the Bobath Approach – therapy dedicated to helping people with cerebral palsy (CP) and similar neurological conditions. Its therapists offer a tailored therapy programme to each person, based on what they want to achieve.


Scope is a pan-disability equality charity with a historical and ongoing interest in people living with cerebral palsy, their families, and friends. Scope seeks to support individuals living with cerebral palsy from childhood throughout their lives, and uses its collective power to change attitudes and end injustice.

World Ability Sport logo

World Ability Sport

World Ability Sport is one of the world’s leading organisations for the development of Para sports. Alongside a membership of more than 80 countries around the world, it is passionate about offering as many competition opportunities as possible for athletes with physical impairments.

Research Partners

Community Rehabilitation Alliance

The CRA is a loose alliance of 32 professional bodies, charities, trade unions and organisations; led by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. The vision of the alliance is that everyone has the #right to rehab to access good quality person-centred rehab in their community,


CP Coalition

A number of organisations are exploring an alliance providing a collective voice for the sector to policy-makers, health and research professionals, the news media and the public, and to effect positive change for those affected by cerebral palsy. Up is representing the voice of the adult with Cerebral Palsy.


RADiCAL began as a collaboration between Up and Brunel University. It is a multidisciplinary group of researchers who are conducting research into the health and wellbeing of adults with cerebral palsy, aiming to positively influence adult cerebral palsy healthcare services.

Research Project Collaborations

Research Project: Mapping research and research priorities into ageing well with a lifelong disability: A scoping review
Partnering with: UK – Irish Consortium- Ageing well with a lifelong disability.

Research Project: Translating research on the needs of adults with CP into information for adults with CP and health Professionals – Rapid review Annual checklist and GP leaflet
Partnering with: RCSI, School of Nursing and midwifery, Queen’s University Belfast
Brunel University

Research Project: Social Participation and Quality of Life in disabled young adults
Partnering with: School of Nursing and midwifery, Queen’s University Belfast

Research Project: Researching experiences of adults with CP through art
Partnering with: Brunel University

Research Project: Adult Cerebral Palsy – Animation project
Brunel University