Reflecting on World CP Day

October 28, 2022

As you may have seen, on World Cerebral Palsy Day, Thursday 6th October, we launched a campaign calling on the government to provide proper healthcare for adults with CP. Every Member of Parliament was sent a card with 42p as a way to emphasise the economic case for providing coordinated health services for our community of 130,000. Read more about the campaign here. 

We also invited you to show your support and write to your local MP, expressing the importance of securing coordinated healthcare for our community. It has been fantastic to hear back from so many of our community, and we encourage you to keep us updated even if your MP does not reply, as that is equally important for us to monitor.

It is not too late to join the conversation, find the template to write to your MP.

Now that the Government is under fresh leadership, we have a fresh opportunity to invite it to join the conversation and help us lead change for adults with CP nationwide. Follow this on social media with #42pCampaign

On World CP Day we also had the fantastic opportunity to speak about our campaign, and driving change with UP – The Adult CP Movement, at The Bobath Festival of Cerebral Palsy, an all-day virtual event to celebrate and support those in our CP community.

In addition to this, both of our Co-founders, Emma and Miriam, hosted a stand at Cerebral Palsy Scotland’s Annual Conference, an opportunity for the cerebral palsy community to get together. It was great to see Baroness Stephanie Fraser, our Trustee Natalie South, Sam from Inclusifit and hear from conference participants (pictured below).

Emma sat on a panel focused on how we can improve representation for adults with Cerebral Palsy together with Journalist Michael McEwan, Author and Blogger Melissa Cassidy and Actor Jack Hunter.

Click images to enlarge:

World CP Day was pivotal in connecting key partners within the movement for change. We need a loud, unified community voice as we work together to make a difference for adults with Cerebral Palsy.