Midweek Matters – Movement

July 28, 2023



We all spend time moving. For some, the movements are large and freer, and involve our arms and legs. For others the movements might be as slight as a deep breath and need others to help with support.

Why is Movement so vital, how does it affect the rest of the body and why is it so important to find the movements and activities that bring us joy as well as help with our well-being, at whatever level of ability?

Join us this September as Midweek Matters delves into these intricacies with a great selection of Speakers and our regular community chat.

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

6th September

Speaker session:
Dr Mark Peterson on the surprising benefits of moving even a bit!

13th September

Speaker session:
What activities have you tried and enjoyed!!!!! We are joined by some very exciting parasporting organisations that have clubs across the UK.

20th September

Speaker session:
Strictly for you too!!! Music has a powerful quality to get us moving from our heads to our toes – lets explore how we can do to give us more joyful experiences.

27th September

Community chat 

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